Undetected LOL Hack Evolut Client - SkinChanger, Auto Spell, Insta Lock and More


A new free cheat for League of Legends with SkinChanger, AutoSpell, Insta Lock and More features are available for free in this mod menu. You just need to run the cheat in one click and you will be able to use any functionality for free, the entire functionality is controlled through a convenient menu, you will easily understand it.
For example, pay attention to SkinChanger LOL, in which you can choose absolutely any skin available in the game for any character for free and you don't need to spend money to buy it! In addition to the free replacement of skins for your heroes, there are other features in this cheat that you may need so much. You can change your rank in the chat so that others would think that you are a high-level player and thus you can troll players in the online game League of Legends.



SkinChanger - Module: Allow you to change your skin in-game. (Working in China version)
Autosay: If enabled, say anything in all modes.
AutoAccept: Accept automatically matches.
AutoRune: Set automatically runes
AutoPick/Ban draft/ranked: Ban/Pick in draft/ranked mode
AutoDraft/ranked lane: Set prefrerred lanes in ranked/draft.
AutoSpell: Automatically set spells based in selected lane.
InstaLock: Automatic pick your champion on normal game.
Autoremove friends request: Remove automatically friends requests.
Autoaccept friends request: Accept automatically friends requests.

OfflineChat: With this function you can pretend to be offline. Perfect tool for boosters!. It does disable the connection to the chatserver of LoL (which basically shows that you are on-/offline).

Start the game
Run the cheat as an administrator
Enjoy :)
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