Space Tycoon Hack Script | Fast Money Farm (200k per serverhop!)

  • Feb 14, 2022



Space Tycoon Hack Script Yes friends, I will tell you about this script. In this creation you can contribute to nasa space studies. And here you can start your own company and become very rich. The bu code gave you Faster time with the money we will enable you to progress faster in the file You will be one step ahead of your friends without losing.Wouldn’t you like to build a spaceship. Space Tycoon Hack Script This is a good opportunity for you to go into space with this game.

with the money you will earn in the game, hehe who wouldn’t 🙂 I think these guys are the easiest way to go to space. I wish you good games. For other codes, please take a look at our “” website. If you have a problem with Scripts, please let us know in the “Report Script” section.

space tycoon hack script
space tycoon hack script

Features Of Space Tycoon Hack Script ?

  • 200k per serverhop

How to run Space Tycoon Hack Script

  1. You need a script to run the cheat. You can get it from this article.
  2. You need an exploit to bring the cheat to the game, I’m removing KRNL. You can use something different. You can download the krnl by clicking here.
  3. Copy the script and open the exploit. Paste the exploit script.
  4. Inject/attach the game
  5. Then execute and check if the script is opened. If the cheat does not open, there is something you did wrong.
  6. Try to enjoy the Arsenal Script Hack.

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How to use Space Tycoon Hack Script | Fast Money Farm (200k per serverhop!)?

  1. Press the "Get Script" button to Copy the "Space Tycoon Hack Script | Fast Money Farm (200k per serverhop!)" .
  2. Lua scripts require a Lua Executor, Open your executor and attach it to the game.
  3. After copying & pasting the script in your executor press the "Execute" button and "Space Tycoon Hack Script | Fast Money Farm (200k per serverhop!)" will show up in the game.
  4. If you find an old/faulty script, please let us know using the "Report" section.
  5. If you need an exploit, check out our Free Roblox Exploits Category.

Space Tycoon Hack Script | Fast Money Farm (200k per serverhop!)

if game.PlaceId == 7535149098 then if not game:IsLoaded() then game.Loaded:Wait() end game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Events.R2:FireServer() repeat task.wait() until game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character repeat task.wait() until game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart") firetouchinterest(game:GetService("Workspace").Center.JupiterObby.Finish, game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart, 0) firetouchinterest(game:GetService("Workspace").Center.JupiterObby.Finish, game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart, 1) local PlaceID = game.PlaceId local AllIDs = {} local foundAnything = "" local actualHour ="!*t").hour local Deleted = false local File = pcall(function() AllIDs = game:GetService('HttpService'):JSONDecode(readfile("NotSameServers.json")) end) if not File then table.insert(AllIDs, actualHour) writefile("NotSameServers.json", game:GetService('HttpService'):JSONEncode(AllIDs)) end function TPReturner() local Site; if foundAnything == "" then Site = game.HttpService:JSONDecode(game:HttpGet('' .. PlaceID .. '/servers/Public?sortOrder=Asc&limit=100')) else Site = game.HttpService:JSONDecode(game:HttpGet('' .. PlaceID .. '/servers/Public?sortOrder=Asc&limit=100&cursor=' .. foundAnything)) end local ID = "" if Site.nextPageCursor and Site.nextPageCursor ~= "null" and Site.nextPageCursor ~= nil then foundAnything = Site.nextPageCursor end local num = 0; for i,v in pairs( do local Possible = true ID = tostring( if tonumber(v.maxPlayers) > tonumber(v.playing) then for _,Existing in pairs(AllIDs) do if num ~= 0 then if ID == tostring(Existing) then Possible = false end else if tonumber(actualHour) ~= tonumber(Existing) then local delFile = pcall(function() delfile("NotSameServers.json") AllIDs = {} table.insert(AllIDs, actualHour) end) end end num = num + 1 end if Possible == true then table.insert(AllIDs, ID) wait() pcall(function() writefile("NotSameServers.json", game:GetService('HttpService'):JSONEncode(AllIDs)) wait() game:GetService("TeleportService"):TeleportToPlaceInstance(PlaceID, ID, game.Players.LocalPlayer) end) wait(4) end end end end function Teleport() while wait() do pcall(function() TPReturner() if foundAnything ~= "" then TPReturner() end end) end end -- If you'd like to use a script before server hopping (Like a Automatic Chest collector you can put the Teleport() after it collected everything. Teleport() end