Pixel Strike 3D Trainer Cheat v9.3.0 / Steam – GodMode, SpeedHack, NoRecoil (script)

  • May 13, 2022



Pixel Strike 3D Trainer Cheat is a free and undetected for PC v9.3.0 / Steam. This Pixel Strike 3D Hack has features such as GodMode, infinite ammo, rapid fire, no recoil, SpeedHack and much more. The Pixel Strike 3D game requires you to play skillfully because the enemies are smart, but you can beat them easily with this Pixel Strike 3D Cheat Table.

You are here because you want to cheat on Pixel Strike 3D Game right? I am a fan of this game and want to share this trick with you. There is currently an undetected cheat for Pixel Strike 3D. As many fans of Pixel Strike 3D, you try to overcome all the missions? But game developers are trying to scratch your way around and are increasingly difficult? No more problems! Pixel Strike 3D Hack will offer you GodMode Feature!

pixel strike 3d trainer cheat
pixel strike 3d trainer cheat

Features Of Pixel Strike 3D Trainer Cheat;

  • GodMode
  • Name ESP
  • No Clip
  • Freeze Fly + Jump
  • Rotate Gravity
  • Infinite Ammo
  • No Recoil
  • Rapid Fire
  • Speed Hack (key: Q – On / Off)
  • No Damage (works only on bots)
  • One Hit Kill (works only on bots)
  • HP Regen (works only on bots)

How to use – Pixel Strike 3D Hack?

  1. Start Pixel Strike 3D
  2. Start Cheat Engine
  3. Select game process
  4. Put your CT file in Cheat Engine
  5. Click on the box
  6. Done – Enjoy!


The game has no anti-cheat but as far as I know, developers can ban your hardware, so play carefully. And yes, i know what ban they use. They ban you by your ISP and IP. Thank you for visiting Free Cheats Cheater.Net website and we look forward to seeing you again..

pixel strike 3d hack
pixel strike 3d hack

About Pixel Strike 3D Game;

Pixel Strike 3D is a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter that features fast-paced gameplay and a wide variety of player customization. This is not your average pixelated gun game. It’s time to stop crafting and start shooting!


Pixel Strike 3D Trainer Cheat v9.3.0 / Steam – GodMode, SpeedHack, NoRecoil (script)