KAT Hack | AutoFarm and Silent Aim

  • Feb 14, 2022



Thanks to the KAT Hack, you can easily hit all your enemies. You can beat everyone and be the best. You can improve your scores. You can earn as many emeralds as you want. You can shape your character as you wish. In short, you can be the best. Floor is a fun game. There are different modes in the game and they are all fun. You fight as much as you can and try to beat people. There are too many patterns and too many maps. In short, with cheating, you are the best anywhere. Don’t forget to check out other Free Roblox Scripts Hack content on our site.

Features Of KAT Hack

  • auto farm
  •  silent aimbot
  •  esp
  • tracers


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How to use KAT Hack | AutoFarm and Silent Aim?

  1. Press the "Get Script" button to Copy the "KAT Hack | AutoFarm and Silent Aim" .
  2. Lua scripts require a Lua Executor, Open your executor and attach it to the game.
  3. After copying & pasting the script in your executor press the "Execute" button and "KAT Hack | AutoFarm and Silent Aim" will show up in the game.
  4. If you find an old/faulty script, please let us know using the "Report" section.
  5. If you need an exploit, check out our Free Roblox Exploits Category.

KAT Hack | AutoFarm and Silent Aim

local vu = game:GetService("VirtualUser") game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Idled:connect(function() vu:Button2Down(Vector2.new(0,0),workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame) wait(1) vu:Button2Up(Vector2.new(0,0),workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame) end) loadstring(game:HttpGet"https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BaconLords/Why-are-we-here-to-suffer/main/KAT")()