GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu | Free GTA V Hack 2022

  • Apr 30, 2022



GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu is the best and the most known free Mod Menu for GTA 5 for its online gamemode and its singleplayer one

GTA 5 features modifications, just like every other video game out there. In a variety of ways, these unapproved modifications can enhance your GTA 5 experience. These fantastic mods are referred to as “user mods” by some. Among these GTA 5 Mod Menus, GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu is one of the greatest mod menus that may help you improve the game. Many GTA gamers also regard it as a safe mod menu. Kiddion’s mod menu wasn’t operating correctly a few months ago, but it’s now back and working unnoticed as a more powerful mod menu for GTA 5.

Kiddon is the creator of this gorgeous mod menu. Hotkeys are also supported by this mod menu, which can bring more ease to its users. And there are a slew of new features on the way. This is a completely free and unknown mod that you may use without any issues. Many new features have been added to Kiddion’s mod menu, such as spawn choices, recuperation, money, and RP. Without hesitation, you may obtain the most recent version of GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu from our website. Also included are instructions on how to properly install it.

gta 5 online kiddions mod menu

GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu | Shortcuts

  • F5 – Show Menu
  • Numpad 5 – Confirm Option / Select
  • Numpad 0 – Go Back
  • Numpad 8 – Go Up
  • Numpad 2 – Go Down
  • Numpad 4 – Decrease Value
  • Numpad 6 – Increase Value

How to Use GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu

Download and installing the mod menu is quite simple as the only thing required to be done is that you need to run the mod menu after the game has loaded

  1. Download the GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu
  2. Extract the mod menu from the archive that should have been downloaded
  3. Launch GTA V from the launcher of your choice, wait until the game has fully loaded
  4. Run the mod menu and use the shrotcuts above to navigate
  5. Enjoy!

GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu | FAQ

Is it a computer virus?

No, it shouldn’t be; it’s most likely an incorrect detection, as hacking a game alerts the antivirus. You should be alright if you download from the sites provided above. You should use it at your own risk.

What can you do with this mod menu exactly?

Mod weapons, automobiles, money, weather, clothing, ghosting off the map, teleporting, calling PVs without waiting, and doing a solitary online session are all options. And there’s more.

Is the Kiddion’s Menu or this feature safe?

We can never be certain. A general rule of thumb is to not overtly show that you are modding to other players. Don’t go overboard with money mods (casino, etc.) or RP mods (levels). Kiddions is an external menu, so it’s more secure, but it’s not infallible!

GTA 5 Online Kiddions Mod Menu | Free GTA V Hack 2022