Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer | Genshin XYZ Loader v2.5

  • May 02, 2022



Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer is the Genshin XYZ Loader tool for Genshin Impact 2.5. The only thing you need to do is run the trainer and click the buttons to activate each cheat feature, it’s very simple to use the Free Genshin Impact Cheat Menu For PC. You don’t need any other Cheat Tools or be a Pro Coder, anyone can use this tool. It also has Anti-Ban Protection to keep your account safe and undetected by the game system! This means no more getting banned while trying out powerful cheats. Don’t get banned when using Genshin Impact Hack!

When it comes to cheating, there’s very few games out there that rival Genshin Impact. For this reason, we believe that Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer  is the best option for any player who wants to cheat at this game.There’s no doubt about it: if you want to be an unstoppable force of destruction online, then this is the Cheat for you. Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer will allow you to do anything and everything in the game, instantly and with little effort.

Much more than a normal Genshin Impact Cheats, final version of Genshin Impact Cheat has all those extras that help you learn about the game and make sure that you enjoy the game to its maximum. As the best in class hack tool, we’re proud of this release. This Genshin Hack is very easy use to do, I suggest you follow the instructions below. Thus, you will run Genshin Impact Cheat on your PC without any difficulties.

How to Use Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer:

  1. Download the Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer down below
  2. Extract the files from the rar archive and paste them into a folder of your choice
  3. Start GenshinXYZ that you have just extracted
    If it is the first time you are running it, the cheat should ask you for the location of GenshinImpact.exe which you will be able to find in the root folder of Genshin Impact
  4. Once Genshin Impact is started, press Inject when you are in the main menu. [Do not press it before you are in the main menu!]
  5. Before you go into the game itself, follow the steps down below in order to terminate the mhyprot2 handle of Genshin:
  6. Open Process Hacker 2 with Admin rights
  7. Now that you are safe, enjoy GenshinXYZ :))

Features of Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer:

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • No Cooldown
  • No Cooldown Q
  • Actions Speed
  • Free Flight
  • No Click
  • Combat Tab:
  • Double Attacks
  • No Bow Charge
  • Rapid Fire
  • Auto Kill
  • Block Enemies
  • Mob Vacuum
  • Vacuum Loot & Seelies
  • kickDown (Despawn
  • Misc
  • Speedup Dialogues
  • Destroy Nearby Items
  • Visual Tab:
  • Normal Chest ESP [Icons]
  • Health ESP
  • Level ESP
  • No Fog
  • No Grass
  • FOV [1-10]
  • FPS Unlocker [250 fps]
  • Custom Profile [Avatar-AR-Min\Max EXP
  • Esp Tab
  • Draw Checkboxes
  • Draw Lines
  • Draw Names
  • Enemies
  • Friendly
  • Minerals
  • Chests
  • Oculus
  • Plants
  • Misc
  • Everything
  • Map Teleport Tab:
  • Marker Teleport
  • Preset Location Teleport
  • Load & Save Current Location
  • Coordinates Teleport
  • Create Config
  • Save Config
  • Load Config
  • Keybind System

Frequently Asked Questions for Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer;

Do we still have to close Mhyprot?
No , our loader is doing everything for you 🙂
Is it safe to use it?
-Remember you are cheating on an online game, we put all our efforts to make things safe, but we can never be 100% sure
Can I play in Co-op?
-It is recommended to play only with friends (true friends)
Can I complete the abyss?
-Keep in mind that all your actions within the abyss are monitored and recorded, so it’s best if you don’t exaggerate 🙂


v1.3.5 (CURRENT – March 19, 2022)

  • Added Auto Pickup Delay
  • Added Pickup/Loot Range [USE AT OWN RISK]
  • Improved General Stability
  • Fix Auto Kill stuttering with Free Flight
  • Fix Auto Pickup lagging after Esc menu
  • Fix Vacuum Fps drop when sucking too many mobs
  • Removed Auto Pickup’s range



Genshin Impact Cheat Trainer | Genshin XYZ Loader v2.5