Cheat For OsuBuddy Relax – Aim Assist, Replay Bot

  • Apr 04, 2022



Cheat For OsuBuddy Relax is an all-in-one cheat for osu! Standard (works with fullscreen) It won’t be detected if you use it with safe settings. (Totally avoid setting super high scores that you can’t set yourself, as new accounts can be terminated automatically when they get high scores) But again it’s completely external to the player. This means that osu! cannot be detected by anti-heat, as OsuBuddy Relax Hack can only detect internal cheats that read the game’s memory. You can check our cheats from many Trainer categories like this one.

cheat for osubuddy relax
cheat for osubuddy relax

How to use Cheat For OsuBuddy Relax;

1. Open osu!(full screen) and osu!Buddy Relax Hack

2. Click Auto in the upper right corner of the hack window and select a desired value or click anywhere on the map to aim manually (if you don’t want to use auto). Make sure to target the beatmap you are playing.

3. If aiming manually, close the hack window after clicking anywhere on the map and continue playing normally, but if you have selected an auto value, keep the cheat window open for as long as you want (click stop)

Cheat For OsuBuddy Relax Features;

  • Aim Assist: Will assist your mouse towards the next note!
  • Relax: Will automatically click the notes for you!
  • Replay Player: Will playback the selected replay, can also interpolate and flip replays. Also has the option to only play mouse and/or keyboard inputs
  • Timewarp: Slows or speeds up the song, letting you play it easier
  • Autobot: Automatically plays the song for you [Bug that didn’t let you disable it has been fixed!]

P.S.: When you hide this cheat, press “Shift” to make it show up again

How to make OsuBuddy Relax Undetectable?

If used properly, OsuBuddy is undetectable.
That being said, if you use this program with horrible settings, you will get banned as players can easily report on the osu! website as well as on the subreddit
Peppy’s main source of cheat detection (at the moment) is detecting for injected files and DLL’s, to see if any of osu’s files have been read/modified.
OsuBuddy is fully external. It doesn’t read or write memory, giving peppy no way of detecting it this way.

How to run Cheat For OsuBuddy Relax?

  1. Download the cheat down below
  2. Open osu!
  3. Then run the packaged osu!repair.exe file
  4. Select the module’s / settings you’d like enabled
  5. Then play a map and enjoy!

Warning: Make sure that you have raw input enabled in the game settings for the features to work

Cheat For OsuBuddy Relax – Aim Assist, Replay Bot