Cheat for Michaels Zombies | 2022 Kill Aura

  • Mar 11, 2022



Michaels  Zombies are dangerous creatures. It is your duty to protect your city from zombie invasion. Thanks to Cheat for Michaels Zombies we gave you, they will die as soon as they approach you. And it will get you a very enjoyable game. I recommend you to try the game if you have not played yet. Roblox is one of the most popular online games today. Roblox enthusiasts are interested in free script Roblox  and free items. We are trying to throw daily and up-to-date content for you as much as we can every day. All you have to do is look at the Roblox Script Hack category on our “Cheater.Net” site.

cheat for michaels zombies
cheat for michaels zombies

How to use cheat ?

First, download the script from our website. The download does not cause any problems and only takes a few seconds.After downloading, open the downloaded file and copy its contents. Go to the Roblox site and go to the section where there are games with zombies in Game Link. Join a server with no more than two people, otherwise other players may see that you are using cheats and this may result in a ban from their use. After entering the server, open EXploit and paste the copied Script code by selecting Paste in the context menu, then confirm and start killing all zombies in the game as soon as they approach you.

Features for Cheat For Michaels Zombies;

  • Kill Aura


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How to use Cheat for Michaels Zombies | 2022 Kill Aura?

  1. Press the "Get Script" button to Copy the "Cheat for Michaels Zombies | 2022 Kill Aura" .
  2. Lua scripts require a Lua Executor, Open your executor and attach it to the game.
  3. After copying & pasting the script in your executor press the "Execute" button and "Cheat for Michaels Zombies | 2022 Kill Aura" will show up in the game.
  4. If you find an old/faulty script, please let us know using the "Report" section.
  5. If you need an exploit, check out our Free Roblox Exploits Category.

Cheat for Michaels Zombies | 2022 Kill Aura

local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(('')))() local w = library:CreateWindow("A") -- Creates the window local b = w:CreateFolder("B") -- Creates the folder(U will put here your buttons,etc) b:Bind("On",Enum.KeyCode.Z,function() --Default bind getgenv().Ks = true while Ks == true do wait() spawn(function() local localPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer local function booga() local closestPlayer = nil local shortestDistance = math.huge for i, v in pairs(workspace.Ignore.Zombies:GetChildren()) do if v:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") and v.Humanoid.Health ~= 0 and v:FindFirstChild("Head") then local magnitude = (v.Head.Position - localPlayer.Character.Head.Position).magnitude if magnitude < shortestDistance then closestPlayer = v shortestDistance = magnitude end end end return closestPlayer end local args = { [1] = booga().Humanoid } game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Framework.Remotes.KnifeHitbox:FireServer(unpack(args)) end) end end) b:Bind("Off",Enum.KeyCode.X,function() --Default bind getgenv().Ks = false end)