Bloons TD 6 Trainer Cheat – Bloons TD 6 Hack v3.0.3

  • Apr 17, 2022



Hi guys. I will give you information about the newly updated Bloons TD 6 Trainer Cheats. At the beginning of the game you will have a limited number of towers, but as you progress you will unlock all the buildings. The gameplay is very diverse and you can get stuck for a long time as there are lots of maps.  To unlock a specific game mode, you need to unlock the previous mode, starting with the corresponding standard mode of the map. Standard mode unlocks simultaneously for all difficulty levels.

The reason we give you Bloons TD 6 Hack is to provide a good gaming experience And this Bloons TD 6 Trainer Cheat has many featuresThis game consists of two modes, easy and hard mode. In this way, Bloons TD 6 Hack will be of great use to you. not to let the balloons cross the map and reach the last point. To do this, you need to place monkeys or special items on the field. Each tower has its own characteristics when dealing damage to cannons. But balls are not as simple as they seem at first glance.

bloons td 6 trainer cheat
bloons td 6 trainer cheat

The game has a large number of towers that evolve in battles. And there are many different types of balls. The most powerful of them are airships, which are also divided into several types. At the start of the game, the player is introduced to the game and gives an idea of ​​how to fight. Thanks to this cheat, you will start the game fast, so you will have money, you will get many ready-made monkeys and weapons and you will dominate the game, show yourself in easy mode or hard mode. Many reliable cheats are shared on our “Cheater.Net” site, I suggest you check it out.

bloons td 6 hack
bloons td 6 hack


  • Install BepInEx IL2Cpp build #353 and run the game once. Then drop the trainer into the plugins folder.
  • A working install of BepInEx Preview v6 Build #353 for IL2CPP. (Get it from their Discord server under the Pins or in the latest Bleeding-Edge IL2Cpp build)
  • Place file within the ‘BepInExPlugins’ folder

Features Bloons TD 6 Trainer Cheat – Bloons TD 6 Hack:

  • Reprint Hotkeys
  • Give 1M Monkey Money
  • Give 1M Trophies
  • Give 1M In-Game Cash
  • Give 1M In-Game Health/Hearts
  • Give 10K Knowledge Points
  • Level Up – Unlock All Upgrades
  • Unlock All Monkey’s / Hero’s


Bloons TD 6 Trainer Cheat – Bloons TD 6 Hack v3.0.3